New Changes Ahead to the Under30CEO Community

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Hey guys, here’s the deal… I’m going to start things off by sending you an update on what’s going on in the Under30CEO community.

Today, I’m sitting in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica where this place is feeling a lot more like home.  Since November, we’ve brought 10+ groups to Central America to our Explore Costa Rica trip to the rainforest, and to Nicaragua and Belize.

The view doesn’t suck.  Here is a pic from sunset last night…

Trips to Costa Rica Nicaragua

Buttt… our crash pad could use work.  Jared’s been crashing here with Courtney and I.

Here’s Jared taking a little nap…


Jared, I love you, but three in this apartment is too much.

BTW, Jared is moving to Austin, he just flew back to New York to pack his car to drive to SXSW.

So as you’ve probably heard, we’re looking to re-launch Under30CEO.  

You can read the details here, but we need to breathe new life into the site.  It’s been on auto-pilot for a few years now… and we’ve forgotten about our readers that gave us the means to live this awesome life.

To be honest, building a “media company” was too much work.  Jared and I are getting old.  We’re turning 30 this year!! (omg what happens when you turn 30?!) Honestly I can’t wait for that to happen so we don’t have to hear that anymore.

We’ve published 4,000 pieces of content on this site, and dammit we’re tired of that.  We don’t wanna publish the same old stuff about internships, finding a mentor, boosting your social media game, or what to do if you knock up one of your best employees… it’s all been said.

We want to bring this blog back to it’s roots.

A couple of guys with a kick-ass blog.  Written for the people who read it.

We make enough money from the traffic we get from Google and 99% of our time is spent on our travel company Under30Experiences.

We are attempting to grow U30X from 15 trips in 2014 to 50 trips in 2015 while still keeping our boutique community feel.  We have a really awesome thing going and if you ever want to meet us in person, that’s the place to do it.

We also just launched our first multi-country trip… stretching 13 days into only 5 days off from work this Thanksgiving.  For those of you who are dying to take a long trip and not burn all your vacation days, you should travel to Central America with us.

So, like I said, we’re busy.  But in an awesome way.  Like I’m trying to surf this afternoon…

Last but not least, I want to introduce Daniel DiPiazza for those of you who don’t know him.  He has written classics on Under30CEO like How he made $23,700 on Elance in 4 weeks or an Open Letter to Frustrated 20somethings and we are bringing him in to lead the charge to bring this blog back to life.

Here’s what happens when Daniel tries to speak Spanish on our trip to Nicaragua.  He orders “tres tacos” and ends up with 3 plates of tacos.

under30ceo rich20something

Good thing Daniel is generally pretty jacked and hungry.

If you haven’t read Daniel’s site Rich20Something you should check it out.  As he said, he wanted to start a site to take down and destroy Under30CEO and then he found out we are pretty cool… welcome to the team Daniel!

Alright, well that just about wraps it up for this week.  I also want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to our Editor Cara Murphy and all of our guest contributors over the years.  We’d be nowhere if it wasn’t for you, your content, and your sense of community.

As always, drop a comment to let us know what you think of the new tone and let us know what you want to read about!  We’re going to write to you in hopes to develop a real relationship.

And we promise lots of actionable stuff that will help you guys out.

This blog is for you.

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