10. Google Alerts – Child Abuse News

DOA – I am no longer a Child Abuse Victim of Foster Care, I am a Survivor Helping Others since 2004 Zero tolerance towards sexual abuse and exploitation of children The mission of UNICEF, the Red Cross, and other organizations is to support the exercising of child rights in various circumstances. PODGORICA, 10 July 2020 – […]

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10. Google Alerts – Predator Grooming News

#MeToo — 10 Ways Predators Are Grooming Kids Is your child being groomed right in front of you? The #MeToo social media tsunami has revealed the mind-blowing scope of sexual exploitation. I’ve been shocked to discover just how many of my friends have suffered the trauma of sexual harassment and even rape. To prevent your […]

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10. Why a War On Internet Crimes against our Children?

Why ICFO War On Internet Crimes Against Our Children? Thanks for Reading Why the ICFO War On Internet Crimes Against Our Children? DrDonICFO Blog Posts Dr. Don, Founder [ICFO] Helping Others On-Line Since 2004 Click for ICFO Blog Thank You for Helping Increase Internet Crime Awareness

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