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ICFO Popular Tools, Links

Dr. Don, Founder ICFO

ICFO Popular Tools, Links

Most of our [ICFO] work online since 2004 has focused on

  • Investigation and reporting Internet Crimes Against Children, Families, and Businesses.
  • While the events of recent years; Politics, COVID, the increase in remote jobs, and crypto have reduced our Caring and Sharing.
  • These events on the world’s population have, by necessity, turned our primary focus on self and survival.
  • Of course, we [ICFO] have not escaped these events and suffered major losses, and
  • Our Recovery is slow, as noted by so many others
  • What goes up slowly can fall so fast.
  • Crimes and scams continue to rise. support services are weakened or nearly non-existent

From my Naval Officer Tours – Building Trust and Confidence Prevails

We [ICFO] Are Still Here and Recovering

Key Tools – Links

Dr. Don’s Resource Solutions Directory
APSense – Social Business Networking – APSense SBN
APSense – Brand Marketing Center Don’s Business Center (WIP)
TestimonialsDr. Don’s Articles
Dr. Don’s Groups Don’s Products (WIP)
Introducing the Lookii AR Check-in  Platform Automated Social Media Marketing
Sokule Powerhouse Advertising Links
Blog: Sokule  Bonus ‘Sokens’
Dr. Don’s Blogs 
ICFO Empowering Strategies 4Vols Empowering Victims
V2 Empowering Families Retirement Seniors
V4 Empowering Business at Home Empowering Business Online
ICFO Empowering Profits Online Don’s Blog Pages
Dr. Don’s YouTube Channel

Goal to create and add video content that supports our blogs

  • ICFO – Increase Awareness of Internet Crimes
  • Against Our Families, Children, and Businesses
  • Your Caring and Sharing, Comments, Likes, and Subscription
  • Will help Us Accomplish Our Goal – Thank You

Thanks for Reading – ICFO Popular Tools, Links


Dr. Don, Founder ICFO

To Your #Safety, #Security, and #Success Online

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