American Breakfast Habits [Infographic]

American Breakfast Habits [Infographic] Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If thats the case, why do so lots of people avoid breakfast? Much of this can be attributed to the absence of time in a hurried regimen that many Americans follow– or a minimum of they utilized to prior to the start of the global pandemic. When you no longer have a long and difficult commute to the workplace, you have more time on your hands. Now that many employers are saying that workers must return to the office, what is there to do? Thankfully, there are heat-and-eat breakfast options to keep us on track for a brighter day ahead with more energy. Its time to take a look at American breakfast habits– whats altered and whats new.To see how Americans wanted to adapt to breakfast faced with needing to come back to the workplace, heat-and-eat breakfast maker Bob Evans conducted a current survey. Some of the highlights of their findings included1– Home intake of typical breakfast items grew as individuals are seeking home cooking: Pancakes: +25% Waffles: +20% Sausage: +16% Bacon: +15% Cereal: +11% 2– Why people who make breakfast make it a top priority: Satisfies their early morning cravings: 57% Starting the day in an excellent way: 51% Helps them stay full until lunch: 47% 3– Those skip breakfast due to the fact that: Theres not enough time: 32% They arent hungry: 29% Food is not readily available: 14% Learn more about the altering practices and desires of Americans when it concerns their breakfast trends and American breakfast routines in the following visual deep dive below, thanks to Bob Evans: Source:

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