Want to Buy TikTok Followers? Here’s What Happens When You Do

Social Wick$ 1.32$ 13.19.

Just how much does it cost to purchase TikTok fans?
Costs vary by source, however just crunching the numbers from 5 random websites, it appears like youll pay around $3.50 on average for 100 TikTok followers, or about $21 for 1,000 TikTok fans.

For this experiment, I chose to “invest” in fans from two different sites, just in case one was a fraud. I treated myself to 2,500 followers from Tokmatik for $39.99 USD, and 1,000 more fans from TikFuel for the bargain-bin price of $16.47 USD.
For all the math fiends in your home, that worked out to less than $0.02 per brand-new follower. Its essentially like I couldnt pay for not to!

Social-Viral$ 4.39$ 22.99.

What to do instead of buying TikTok fans.
There are many much better ways to construct your TikTok following, and none of them include shopping sprees.
Genuine, natural growth comes from great content, tactical posting schedules, and digging into the analytics to learn more about your audience on every level.
Yeah, its gon na take some time, and creativity, and probably a little bit of sweat (simply me?), but the outcomes are true-blue fans who like you for you, and not simply your cash. As a fantastic theorist (J.Lo) when stated: “Love dont cost a thing.”.
Ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work? Heres our complete guide to getting followers on TikTok properly.
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♬ Tequila– The Champs.

StormLikes$ 4.39$ 26.99.

Where to buy TikTok followers.
You can buy TikTok fans from a variety of sites. Some look like slick professional marketing resources; others are extremely sketchy. All provide a range of plans, generally that get cheaper by volume– the more fans you purchase, the more inexpensive they are.
A few typical choices consist of TikFuel, TokMatik, StormLikes, Social-Viral and Social Wick, but there are dozens and dozens of websites out there all providing practically the very same thing: an exchange of your cold tough cash for a fleeting feeling of popularity.

There also are a couple of membership prepares out there if you want ongoing growth. With Managergram, for circumstances, you can invest $49 a month for 1,000 “real” followers. This plan also guarantees you 200 views per video and 50-plus likes for each post.
Accumulating fans is one thing. And even 3,500 fans, bought for cents on the dollar, didnt do anything at all to assist me become a TikTok feeling.
Does buying TikTok fans work?
Purchasing 3,500 TikTok fans cost me $75 and was absolutely useless.
Yes, purchasing TikTok followers did get me more TikTok followers. Because that is literally what I paid for.
Thats it.
Unsurprisingly, purchasing TikTok fans does not create a fantastic audience, no matter how groundbreaking ones material may be. My engagement was flat-out terrible.
It ends up paying complete strangers in Latvia or wherever to strike that subscribe button does not actually develop a strong and loyal fan base. And forget the “likes” or “shares”– it didnt even translate to a boost in straight-up views.
For circumstances, how did this video of me managing toilet paper to the song “Tequila” just get 151 views? What type of cold-hearted beasts did I hire to be part of this experiment?! I desire my cash back!

TikFuel$ 2.47$ 16.47.

TikTok has actually been downloaded more than two billion times, and has 100 million active users in the U.S. This is the place to see and be seen, however its significantly challenging to stick out from the crowd or cement yourself as a TikTok power user.
So its actually not a surprise that lots of services have actually popped up to offer TikTok follows and likes– a faster way to TikTok success would leave a lot of more hours in the day to view wholesome households dancing to “Blinding Lights.”
The concern is: does it in fact work? Does purchasing TikTok followers actually assist your brand name– or does it have the prospective to do the opposite, and harm your social networks credibility?
Based on lots of episodes of Behind the Music, our previous experiment about purchasing Instagram followers and many of human history, we had a slipping suspicion that money, even on TikTok, cant buy happiness.
Of course, there was only one method to find out for sure. So I whipped out the ol charge card and went shopping for some fresh TikTok fans Let the grand experiment start!
How to purchase TikTok fans.
Its actually not hard to buy TikTok followers. I didnt need to go spend time by the docks at night, waiting to exchange a suitcase full of money to some guy on a private yacht. (But if I had actually required to do that, please let the record show that my alias would have been Esmerelda Diamanté.).
Instead, I simply discovered a site that felt the least likely to take my credit card details, chose the package that matched my requirements and clicked “purchase.”.
Fans started to gather within the hour.

WebsitePrice Per 100 FollowersPrice Per 1,000 Followers.

Despite the fact that I knew it was phony, it still felt strangely exciting viewing my follower account skyrocket. Perhaps Tatianna3838 would fall for my material and we d become real friends! Anything was possible!

Believing about buying TikTok followers? Its actually not hard to buy TikTok fans. You can buy TikTok followers from a range of sites. All provide a variety of packages, generally that get less expensive by volume– the more fans you purchase, the more budget friendly they are.
And even 3,500 followers, acquired for cents on the dollar, didnt do anything at all to assist me become a TikTok sensation.

I didnt need to deal with the sting of rejection long however. TikTok discovered pretty quickly that I was popular amongst the fake-accounts neighborhood and sent me a polite note that they would be culling my brand-new fans post-haste.
So whats the big lesson here, besides the truth that Tatianna3838 will not be welcomed to my birthday celebration after all?
If your goal is to construct a community, increase your reach to future consumers, make conversions, drive traffic, go viral, or spread your message to an interested audience– a.k.a. the reason any brand begins a social account in the very first place– do not bother purchasing followers. Just eliminate the intermediary and light your cash on fire.
3 factors NOT to buy TikTok fans.
1. Theyll ruin your engagement rate and your possibilities of getting on the ForYou page.
Not just will your phony followers not offer you any likes or comments (and they absolutely will not be doing any Duets), the enormous inconsistency between your number of fans and your engagement will look particularly gruesome.
This will indicate to the TikTok algorithm that your content is most likely not deserving of sharing around in the For You feed, which will harm your opportunities for organic development.
Much better to have a smaller sized variety of real, honest-to-goodness fans who consume over everything you do than a substantial follower count who all simply sit there quietly. Quality over amount!
2. They wont last long.
While its not technically versus its regards to service, TikTok does not desire you to buy fans.
All of the social networks platforms desire real people engaging and developing with genuine material. Bots and pay-to-play accounts are not handy in building an enjoyable, community-focused online ecosystem. So if your fans are flagged as being bots or phonies, theyll ultimately get eliminated … which suggests you may just find yourself purchasing pals again.
3. Youre not fooling anybody.
Perhaps you thought that having a big juicy number above “followers” would impress someone– your other fans, your competitors, brands youre keen to deal with– however the reality is, this ruse just works for a couple of seconds.
Any semi-experienced social user is going to quickly deduce that your popularity is a sham. I mean, just take a look at my list. Several individuals called “Tik Toker.” A suspicious absence of profile pictures. Notes from TikTok telling me theyve been removed for suspicious activity.
All things that are going to be pretty hard to describe to a possible brand partner or potential client. Busted.

TokMatik$ 4.99$ 26.99.

Thinking about buying TikTok followers? I get it. In this instant-gratification world, obviously its tempting to buy the metrics you want.
If we as a society have developed the innovation to purchase a pizza with an emoji on Twitter, why should not I be able to become TikTok famous with the click of a button?
Organic development simply takes so much time and you want a good juicy follower list nowwwww!
Bonus offer: Download the free 10-Day Reels Challenge, a daily workbook of innovative triggers that will assist you start with Instagram Reels, track your development, and see results across your whole Instagram profile.

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