Tracking Tools Now Picking Up On The July 2022 Google Product Reviews Update Volatility?

So we have been watching the July 2022 Google Product Reviews Update for some time and noticed that based on SEO chatter from within the community, it likely really kicked in on Friday afternoon. But the automated Google search result tracking tools really did not show much, in aggregate, but as of this morning, they now are.

Just so you know, the chatter seems to be at the same level as before – which is not huge as previous Google Product Reviews Updates but there is chatter. These fluctuations may or may not be related to that specific update but it was the only one confirmed recently.

First, let me share screenshots of what the SEO tools are showing:

Google Tracking Tools

Semrush and when you toggle it to just Shopping, things get a bit hotter.

click for full size


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Cognitive SEO:

click for full size


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Advanced Web Rankings:

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As you can see, volatility is starting to show in these aggregated tools.

What are you all noticing? Has this product reviews update been tamer for you?

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