The Easiest Ways To Create A Successful Membership Site

The Easiest Ways To Create A Successful Membership Site

This episode is part 2 of this series where I’m sharing all my best tips to help you create and build a successful membership site!

It follows on from last week’s episode where I shared my journey to building my membership site, The Members’ Club.

I shared the steps I took, the numbers behind the scenes and I also talked about when NOT to start a memberships site.

If you’d like to watch last week’s episode, check it out here >>

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I have so many tips to share in this week’s episode with you:

  • The different types of membership sites you could create (and the easiest ways to get started)
  • What content you can create for your membership (and why simple is better)
  • How to set the price for your membership (and find a strategy to attract members)
  • The best ways to grow your membership (and get people excited to join)

It’s so doable for you to create a successful membership site. When you go all in with it and you keep experimenting, trying and practicing to create something amazing – you can create so much success.

Action to Take:

Make sure you sign up for the free  Turn What You Already Know, Love, And Do Into A Profitable Membership workshop by Stu McLaren right here

He only hosts this once every year and it’s going to be AMAZING… if you’re serious about building a successful membership site, you can’t miss this training!

Stu has helped me to build my membership and his advice is priceless!

Links from this episode
If you’d love to build a community for your membership, check out Circle.

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