The Challenges Facing Our Generation: A Response To An Open Letter to Under30CEO

challenges facing millennials

Hey guys, Matt again.

I hope you enjoyed my honesty yesterday in An Open Letter to Under30CEO Readers. It was really amazing to hear the tremendous outpour from our readers.

Instead of disappearing into the jungle like I usually do, my first step is going to be better communication with you.

Today, I’d really like to discuss the challenges of our generation.

Most of you said, the real content you want to hear is authentic, straight from the heart, from people you knew and trusted.

When I asked what your biggest challenges were a lot of you spilled it all and talked to me about depression, debt, failures in your relationships, winning the approval of your parents, increasing your mental, physical, and spiritual health, work-life balance, and how to make friends who will support you.

I’m humbled at how you guys disclosed so many personal details to me and the answer I was looking for really could not be more clear.

Very few sites address the real challenges of our generation, while writing to you as a trusted friend.

As a human race, we are at a tremendous cross-roads.

Our population is spiraling out of control, the stress in our planet is nearly unbearable, the gap between the rich and poor is dramatically increasing, and so many of the people who have it all are struggling with depression, suicide, or just an overall apathy towards life.

Meanwhile, we are at this convergence with technology that makes us all interconnected.

Even though we feel alone, we can text a friend at any moment, watch inspirational TED Talks to help us through our hard times, download any self help book ever written in just a click of a button, or take free courses on anything we ever wanted to learn about.

Soon, electric cars will be driving themselves and we’ll be creating super-green communities that are completely self sustainable. People are waking up to the fact that life isn’t all about making money like they were on the set of Wolf of Wall Street while the rest of the world struggles.

Truly anything is possible. The only thing that holds us back are the limits of the mind.

So, I want to ask you again: What are the major challenges with our generation?

We need to know what you are struggling with and we are looking for ideas to write about.  Leaving a comment helps the entire community. Let other people know what you are struggling with, or what your friends or colleagues are struggling with. It really does help.

We are trying to build a supportive community and I’d love if you wanted to be involved.

Looking forward to your responses– I’ll try to reply to as many as I can!


Matt Wilson is co-founder of Under30CEO and Adventurer in Residence at the travel company Under30Experiences.

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