‘Secrets Of Kindle Publishing Empire’ Book Release Today

Secrets Of Kindle Publishing Empire – Book #3 of the Kindle series ‘Kindle Self-Publishing Mastery’.

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It has been a roller coaster ride, writing this book series. Today with the last book of the series being published, the book series has already produced 6 Kindle publishing business entrepreneurs.


My love affair with Kindle publishing started in February this year. I wrote my first Kindle book in Project management and it hit best seller #1 in all the 3 categories that it was listed in. In the next 6 months, I wrote 12 more books in the same series.

After receiving several coaching requests for Kindle publishing and setting up the online business around it,  in August this year I decided to write a book series instead. One-on-one coaching is not an effective use of my time and my goal with this blog has been to try new passive income streams and share my journey with you, so you can emulate the same and earn passive income.

I understand that you are busy and don’t have much time. So, my intention is to give you a business model that takes just an hour’s time a day to build but generates you a handsome monthly passive income.

In this 3-book series – ‘Kindle Self-Publishing Mastery’ – I have revealed all my strategies and techniques in the form of a step-by-step blueprint that is engineered for quick success. If you started with the first book and followed the steps given in the second, and now the third – you will have your passive income business built in a matter of weeks.

First step: beta-reader program

I invited people for joining beta-reader program for free, here.

In that blog post I not only explained why I was offering this free program, but I also gave a list of benefits one can get from Kindle self-publishing business. This is the most simple and lucrative online business model for a newbie, and you can build such a scale that only sky will be the limit on how much of passive income you can earn.

Kindle publishing business has practically no entry barrier and one can get started without spending a dime! Honestly I’m yet to come across another online business model that lets you earn without investing even a dime.

Anyways, back to the topic. I was pleasantly surprised to see about 90+ applying for the beta-reader program. Although I had initially announced the size to be limited to 50, I decided to allow all of them into the program. There was no way for me to deny a chance to someone serious about working for their financial independence.

Soon we got started – I published the first book titled ‘Author by Chance: How I Built a 5 Figure Kindle Publishing Business from the Ground Up’ on 25th August. And started working with this group.

In this book, I have shown how I became an author by chance and not by choice, and explained the exact 6-step process I’m using to build the business generating 5-figure income. I’ve also explained in detail how one can identify a niche that is uniquely suitable for their long-term success. This is a strategy I learned from my 7-figure business coach, and I’m happy to share it in the book that is priced under a dollar. 🙂

Click here to know more >> http://geni.us/authorbychance

author by chance kindle

This book was well received in the market and soon I started on the second book of the series.

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you.)

The second book: a game changer

If you study the reasons why online businesses fail, the most common reason you would find is that people don’t see results quickly enough. It’s not their fault. We are hardwired to seek results for our actions, albeit a tad bit too early in our expectations.

So the second book teaches you how to make quick progress and get quick results.

All in a weekend.

The book was titled Write & Publish Your Non-Fiction Kindle Book This Weekend: Even if you haven’t written more than an email’.

The book itself was written in 2 days.

All you needed to get results from this book is –

  1. An idea about what you want to write (you got this from the first book)
  2. Laptop/PC/Mac with Internet connection
  3. An uninterrupted weekend
  4. Ability to follow the proven step-by-step process

Click to know more >> http://geni.us/kindlebookweekend

self publish kindle book in weekend

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you.)

One of the successful first-time authors that used these books, Priyang Anand, wrote –

priyang-anandThis book is very honest and written from heart. I felt like we are sitting at a park bench and discussing how to write a book, get it published, precautions and tricks to be used. Very user friendly and humorous tone. Rich content and fully packed with numerous details. Guides in baby steps towards getting the book published and how to use the right strategies to increase book sales.

Today, the third book is released!

This is where you take the Kindle publishing business to a totally new level – one that metamorphoses your books into a 24×7 passive income generating engine that runs on just a few hours of your time that you can invest during the weekends.

In this book I share,

  • The ‘mindset hacks’ that guarantee you success in ANY online business, and make your journey smooth.
  • How to build a unique business model that earns you massive income every month like a clockwork
  • How to automate most part of your business so you spend no more than one hour a day on your business
  • How to position your book favorably so it can hit best seller rank easily and organically
  • Some invaluable tools that save you tons of time and money and give professional results quickly
  • The pricing strategy that maximizes your book’s royalty earnings and finds the sweet spot for maximum returns
  • How to get Amazon to promote your book at zero cost to you!
  • How to get tens of author sites to promote your books for zero cost to you, and how to do this in 15 seconds
  • How to get your target group to give you test usefulness of your book and give you feedback even before your book is published, and even write honest reviews. This almost ensures your book a high-value asset for your readers.
  • One secret technique to create another passive income stream with zero additional work.
  • How to convert even a casual surfer of your book to a paying customer.
  • and many more.. All the tools and techniques I use to maximize revenue, now you can include in your business for literally no cost.

Click to know more >> http://geni.us/kindleempiresecrets

kindle publishing empire

“Well, what happened to beta-readers?”

Great question.

At the time of the release of this book, one of our beta-readers released 3 books on Kindle!

5 more Kindle entrepreneurs are at various stages of writing their Kindle books and setting their online businesses.

Six first-time authors with zero writing or publishing background building their businesses from a simple beta-reader program isn’t bad. Maybe some of these will go on to become 5-figure earners soon.

These results are fantastic! They make all my efforts seem worthwhile.

And I can’t wait to see what kind of results this book series can bring to you!

This book series is designed to help you get from Quadrant-1 (E) to 3 (B) with ease.

make money online

Figure: Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrants

Here’s something for you

To help you build your passive income business, here’s my reward.

Buy this book this week and forward me (shiv-at-mypassiveincomeeducation-dot-com) the email you receive from Amazon, and I’ll offer you a 30-minute online business strategy session, free of cost!

Go take action, make 2017 a year where your passive income surpasses what you are making from your day-job now. Now that’s a bold statement.

And completely possible.

To your success,


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