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Design Your Life: 15 things in the next 15 years

This week’s inspiration brought to you by: Matt Wilson, co-founder of . Inspiring people to go out and live the dream.

Business Venture: I want to host a TV show—highlight awesome entrepreneurs “Living the Dream”, MTV Cribs style. Hang with someone like Jake Burton, founder of Burton Snowboards for a day?

Philanthropy: Under30CEO needs a non-profit arm. I’d love to work with the Fresh Air Fund and have entrepreneurship curriculum in their inner city summer camps.

Toy: 50’ Post Sportsfisher. Keep it at home for the summer, BVI during the Winter. I grew up around boats, I’ve wanted it since I was 8 or 9.

Dwelling: Something quaint, with a great view, Martha’s Vineyard would work nicely. Just a place to relax. I’m not materialistic, it doesn’t need to be big—I’d probably be sleeping on the boat anyway.

Hobby : Telemark Skiing– Ski on all 7 continents: I’ll do Mount Kilimanjaro first just in case all the snow in Africa melts.

Adventure: Jungle Tour of the Amazon. I’ve been to the mountains, desert, ocean and most stuff in between but never the jungle.

Goal: Make the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine. Top 25 under 25 would be nice.

Experience: Green Bay Packers Home Game. My father and grandfather have both passed me down their shares of the Green Bay Packers. I need to go to Lambeau Field and experience the history of small town America.

Dream: Downhill Mountain Biking down a South African Volcano.

Professional Goal: I need to go from the “opening act” to a keynote speaker. I want to be listed on a speaker’s bureau.

Lifestyle: Personal Assistant. Sounds egotistical, but why wouldn’t you pay someone to manage your headaches? Time is the world’s most precious resource, why spend it doing sh*t you hate?!

Skill: I am good enough to ski and mountain bike my other goals, but my surf skills need some work. How about surf camp in Hawaii?

Goal: Be at the top of my game every day. Life is supposed to be an upward spiral, not a slow death—I want every part of my life to be continuously improving until the day I die.

Cultural Challenge: Live outside the United States for an extended period of time. I’d try the South Pacific.


Ultimate Goal: Change the World. In the next 15 years, I look to leave a legacy where people can say “Matt Wilson, he did his part to make the world a better place.”

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