How to Use TikTok: Beginners Start Here

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Okay, its official: you cant neglect TikTok anymore.
Its the seventh most-used social media platform worldwide, with 689 million global active users, and its been downloaded more than 2 billion times. This isnt a trend– its a social networks phenomenon. And its time to get on board (and lastly learn who in the world Charli DAmelio is).
Weve got you covered if youre new to the video-sharing platform. (Classic us!).
Read on for whatever you require to know about getting going with TikTok and refining your video editing chops.

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What is TikTok?
TikTok is a platform for short-form mobile videos. Users can make videos that range in between 5 seconds and 3 minutes long, and utilize a massive music library and fun impacts to rapidly edit together bite-sized digital films.
Beyond the enjoyable of rapidly shooting and modifying videos from your phone, what makes TikTok downright irresistible for so lots of individuals is discovering content by means of TikToks carefully tuned algorithm.

TikToks For You page (the apps home screen) delivers an endless stream of videos from other users, and gets smarter and smarter about what you like as time goes on. (Maybe even too wise, as some users worry.) Its like a personalized TV station that deals with both your interests and our reducing attention covers!
TikToks extraordinary hold on the Gen Z market has actually turned it into a marketing powerhouse. Tunes go viral (hi, Doja Cat!). Stars are born (shout out to Addison Rae, who rotated a TikTok dance profession into a starring role in Hes All That). When you could not find feta to save your life?), patterns spread out like wildfire (remember.
Long story brief: its an excellent chance for brand names to get in there and construct some serious buzz.

Download the full Social Trends report to get a thorough analysis of the information you require to inform your social technique in 2021.

Its likewise important to keep in mind that the app has faced its share of controversy, thanks to high-profile privacy and security issues.
But certainly, these issues have not stopped countless users worldwide from accepting the app. Heres how you can participate the enjoyable, too.
How to set up a TikTok account.
1. Download the TikTok app from the iOS App Store or Google Play.

Its crucial to keep in mind how main music and dancing are to the TikTok ecosystem– the app was born of a merger between ByteDance and

2. Open the app.
3. Go to Me.

4. Select an approach to register.

You did it! Youre a TikTok-er now! No takebacks!
How to make a TikTok.
Naturally, a TikTok account is just one step in the journey towards overall social media domination. You need to, you understand, make some content, too. Luckily, its easy and enjoyable.
1. Tap the + symbol at the bottom of the screen to enter Create mode once youve got your account set up.
2. Prior to you begin taping, youll be able to pre-select a range of editing aspects to use to your video clip from a menu on the right-hand side of the screen. Flip to your front-facing electronic camera, tweak the speed, apply a softening beauty lens, play with various filters, set up a self-timer or toggle the flash on or off.

3. At the top of the screen, tap Add sound to prepare sound clips and music.

Hold down the red button in the bottom center to tape video, or tap it once to snap a picture. Tap Upload to the right of the record button, and see your electronic camera library to upload a picture or video from there.

5. Follow actions 2 through 4 once again if you d like to add more images or videos to the series.
6. When youve produced all of your “scenes,” struck the checkmark icon.
7. Youll then have a possibility to edit even more, adding text, stickers, extra filters, voiceovers and more.

8. When youre happy with your video, click Next to include a caption or hashtags, tag good friends, add a URL or toggle numerous privacy alternatives on or off.

9. Post by tapping Post!
How to utilize TikTok effects.
TikToks editing effects are a big part of the apps appeal. With integrated filters, impacts and graphic components, its easy to make up a masterpiece (specifically: a masterpiece set to a Megan Thee Stallion tune in which you have flames shooting out your eyes).
1. Tap the + icon to start making your video.
2. Tap the Effects menu to the left of the record button.
3. Scroll to the right to check out the various subcategories of impacts, from “Animals” to “Funny.” Tap any of the effects to preview how theyll look on electronic camera.

4. Under the “Green Screen” area, youll discover a range of different methods to layer your video overtop of a fake background. Get speculative! Youll see a row of photos and videos from your electronic camera roll on top of the impacts here. Tap whichever picture or video you d like to layer onto the green screen and view the magic (er, technology) happen.

5. Tap out of the impacts menu and use the record button to capture your scene when youve discovered the impact you d like to attempt.
Inspect out our roundup of innovative video concepts to get the juices streaming once youve gotten the hang of modifying.
Most popular TikTok modifying features.
Not exactly sure where to begin on your editing journey? Start with mastering these popular video editing functions.
The green screen tool.
Transportation yourself to anywhere in the world with the green screen impact.
Just tap the Effect button to the left of the record button and discover the “green screen” tab. There are several designs, however they all layer a fresh video of you in front of a phony background.
Hot idea: record a video of yourself, and then utilize that as the green screen backdrop so you can communicate with your digital clone!

Obviously, this is just scratching the surface area of all that TikTok is capable of.
If youre prepared to take your brands TikTok technique to the next level, weve got more extensive guides that tackle whatever from TikTok analytics to methods for making cash on the platform. Because we are simply hankering for a duet, dig into our entire library of TikTok resources here … and then warm up your singing voice.

#duet with @nastitwerk.
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TikToks For You page (the apps home screen) delivers an endless stream of videos from other users, and gets smarter and smarter about what you like as time goes on. TikToks unbelievable hold on the Gen Z market has turned it into a marketing powerhouse. Stars are born (shout out to Addison Rae, who rotated a TikTok dance career into a starring role in Hes All That). Of course, a TikTok account is just one step in the journey towards total social media dominance. Tap whichever photo or video you d like to layer onto the green screen and watch the magic (er, innovation) take place.

How to discover good friends on TikTok.
One way to discover your pals on TikTok is to connect your profile to your contact list or Facebook account.

TikTok is constantly introducing brand-new effects, filters and functions, so trending editing tricks are altering daily … like this clone picture result thats turning up everywhere. Keep your eye on the Discover tab to remain in the understand about whats trending.

Another way to find buddies is to browse for their usernames. Go to the Discover tab (2nd icon from the bottom right) and enter their name.
One more option: scan your friends TikCode. This is a distinct QR code built right into users profiles. Scan one with your phone, and youll be required to their profile on your screen … no pesky tapping or typing needed.
How to engage with other users on TikTok.
Connecting with other users doesnt just make TikTok a more enjoyable location to be (you know, putting the “social” into social networks), however its also a vital part of any effective TikTok marketing strategy.
On every video, youll find a menu of icons on the right-hand side that permit you to interact and engage with other TikTok-ers. Usage em!

Including text.
Its rare to find a TikTok video without text on it. Simply include in your words of knowledge or closed captioning in on the final modifying screen.
Well walk you through it over here on our guide to the 10 Top TikTok Tricks if you want to include in text that appears and vanishes to the beat.

Go to the Me tab (the bottom ideal corner).
Tap the human-and-a-plus-sign icon in the leading left corner.
Choose to invite buddies directly, link with your phones contact list or link with your Facebook good friends list.
To shut off contact sync, you can always return into your phones personal privacy settings and switch off contact gain access to for TikTok.

How to browse TikTok.
When you first log in to TikTok and are bombarded by pugs in baths and dreadful sweethearts from every angle, it can feel frustrating. The 5 icons across the bottom of your screen are there to provide some structure and comfort to the experience– yes, there is a technique to the TikTok insanity.
From delegated right, they are:.
Tap on this icon on the bottom-left of your screen, and youll discover yourself enjoying a stream of TikTok content from other users.
In the For You tab, youll be provided fresh content from throughout the app that the TikTok algorithm thinks you might like.
Want to see what your good friends are up to? Swipe over to the Following tab (at the top of the screen) to see a stream of content solely from individuals you follow.

Tap the profile icon to go to the users profile. (And if your fingers are dainty enough, tap the tiny plus sign to follow the creator.).
Tap the heart icon to like a video. (This offers the developer props and lets TikTok understand what type of content you d like to see more of!).
Tap the speech bubble icon to leave a comment or check out comments.
Tap the arrow icon to share the video with a friend, wait, use the exact same result by yourself video, or duet or stitch the video to your own fresh take.
Tap the spinning record icon to see which song is being utilized in the video, and check out other TikToks that utilize the very same clip.

Here, youll discover alerts about new followers, likes, comments, mentions and more. Tap the All activity menu at the top to filter by specific notification type.

Develop (the plus button).
Tap this to access the recording screen and produce a TikTok! Scroll back up for hot suggestions on how this section functions, or go into our 10 TikTok Tricks for newbies.

This page will share trending hashtags that you can explore, however its also the area where you can browse for specific material, tunes, hashtags or users.

The Me icon leads to your profile. You can tap the Edit profile button to make modifications, or tap on the three dots in the top right to access TikToks settings and privacy menu.

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♬ Touch Down To Cause Hell (KingMix)– Kingdanzz __.

No puede haber más verdad en un video! A quien más le favoreció la pubertad? Miren mi ultima foto de insta & #x 1f924; & #x 1f608; IG: @kattemusic #glowupchallenge.
♬ La Niña de la Escuela– Lola Indigo & & TINI & Belinda.

TikTok duets.
The TikTok duet tool permits you to share a split screen with another users material to sing along, dance along … or get a little goofy.
To duet with a video, tap the share button on the right-hand side of a video and tap Duet. Keep in mind that users do require to opt-in to this, so you might not have the ability to duet with every video you find.

Check out the brand-new #greenscreenvideo Update the app to utilize the brand-new Creative Effect!
♬ initial sound– TikTok.

Appearing, changing or disappearing.
No high-tech editing relocations are required to pull off this popular TikTok magic trick: simply record clips that begin where the last one ended … whether thats poised in a breeze, with your palm covering the lens, or with you totally out of the frame of the cam.

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