How to Get Better at Saying No


Every request you accept comes with a cost.

For some of us, of course, this is much easier stated than done. The inability to state no is one of the things that contributes the most to overwhelm. It can even cause feelings of regret or embarassment– you feel guilty for “letting somebody down” although youre struggling to keep up on your own.

What should you say no to? Thats up to you! However heres a start: anything that you do not want to do.

If you wish to be more efficient, if you wish to “get more done,” or even if you simply want some breathing room in your life, you need to state no regularly.

By stating yes to one thing, youre saying no to others. Unless you desire to live your life totally at the direction of someone else, you require to improve your capability to say no.

Here are two methods that have actually been handy to me.

1. The Future Is Now

For that reason, the obvious suggestion: start decreasing more of those invitations. Due to the fact that its far off, do not agree to something just.

The technique is to picture the activity youre asked about would be occurring tomorrow. If it was, would you state yes or nicely decline? If you d decrease for tomorrow, the odds are that you wont seem like doing it a couple of weeks or months into the future.

Then, of course, “one day” eventually reveals up on your calendar, along with that request you accepted long earlier. Why did I accept this? you question.

When youre asked to do something in the future that youre not sure youll want to do, you tend to say yes because its away. You figure, well, thats a very long time from now, and I dont have anything else going on then, so I may as well say yes.

2. Tell the Truth

All that to say: the struggle is real. Shop it in your memory for the next time you come across a comparable circumstance Whenever you have an experience like that.

In this manner, youre not rejecting the individual or even the demand; youre simply keeping in mind that youre unable to accept it. I like to think youre even honoring that individual by not devoting to something you may not handle well.

If you wish to have more control over your time and get more done, getting better at saying no is among the most essential things you can do. Ill be cheering you on!

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I would state, “Let me know if you need more assistance with this,” however Im scared Im totally committed right now … Addendum/ P.S.


In some cases I even go even more and state, “Im a little overcommitted right now, and I dont think I would do a great task with this thing youre asking me.”

The failure to state no is one of the things that contributes the most to overwhelm. By saying yes to one thing, youre saying no to others. Unless you desire to live your life completely at the direction of somebody else, you require to enhance your ability to state no.

I wrote this post after composed negative experience with an unfavorable I did some work with. I informed them no at first, but they said it was actually, truly important– so I backed down.

Theres no magic response, however heres a handy way you can reframe the obstacle. When I decline a request, I often say something like: “I desire to make sure I do a good job with my existing commitments, and right now my plate is full.”

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The job I worked on for them took more than 10 hours, involved a fair quantity of stress (together with the misaligned expectations of a 3rd party, another mistake), and in the end Im uncertain the relationship would have been even worse off if I d simply stated “Sorry, cant do it” in the start.

I would state, “Let me know if you require more help with this,” but Im afraid Im fully committed right now … Addendum/ P.S.

( And by the method, this holds true! Theres no deceptiveness or lying associated with the answer youre offering. I truly do feel that method.) when I say Im fully devoted or overcommitted.

Second, whether its far in the future or a meeting this afternoon that you d really prefer to avoid, how can you state no without harming someones feelings?

I wrote this post after a negative experience with a company I did some business with.

When I say Im completely devoted or overcommitted, I actually do feel that method.).

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