Headless CMS — The emering eCommerce Technology

Carmella Blick

Everyday new technology are emerging that are expanding the ways customers and vendors interact. Vendors are trying to ease the way customers shop and use the latest technologies to reach and attract new customers through mobiles, tablets, wearable devices etc.

Headless CMS is one of the latest emerging technology in the eCommerce world. To understand headless CMS; we need to understand traditional CMS first.

The traditional CMS was made up of two parts, the body (backend) and the head (frontend). These two parts are tightly wound together or in technical terms, it is called coupling. In traditional CMS everything was put together in one place.

Let’s explore Headless CMS

In headless CMS, the head i.e presentation layer is completely separated from the body part i.e. code. Both the layers are connected through API (Application Programming Interface) that enables two applications to communicate with each other.

Let’s have a look over the benefits of Headless CMS
Single repository of content for multiple channels. The API allows you to access your content from anywhere.
Developers are free to choose the programming language they want, it’s not tied with the CMS framework.
You can optimize the same content differently for many platforms.
Headless CMS has smaller code that is lighter to carry.
Headless CMS keeps pace with emerging technologies and is secure from cyber-attacks.

Bagisto is a Headless Laravel CMS is open-source eCommerce ecosystem to build and scale your business.

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