Does He Have a Girlfriend? He Doesn’t Ask Me Out For the Weekend

Romeo reacted nonchalantly, “I have a sweetheart for 2 years now. I see other ladies in addition to her, but not on the weekends. That definitely responded to the question of does he have a girlfriend. Even though you might have asked, youve never seen where he lives. If youre still wondering, does he have a girlfriend, now you know he does.

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After our very first date, we never saw each other once again on a weekend night. Never another Friday or Saturday night.
What could this be about? I had no idea, however continued seeing him since I was having a terrific time.
I asked around about what it could indicate to not have weekend dates. Nobody had a description for this odd behavior. They couldnt develop any legitimate reasons that made good sense and had not run into this problem before.
How is it possible no one knew the signs of being a side chick or asked, does he have a girlfriend?
The Truth Comes Out
One night I chose to just ask him. “Hey Romeo,” (how I described him with my girl good friends, but never to his face) how come we never get together on the weekend?”
To my surprise he in fact answered me and was sincere. He said, “I have to see my sweetheart sometime.”
Time stalled and I felt my world falling apart down. I said, “What? What did you state?”
Romeo responded nonchalantly, “I have a sweetheart for two years now. I see other ladies in addition to her, however not on the weekends. That time is just for her.”
If I had not heard this directly from his mouth, would I have believed it?
Does He Have a Girlfriend? Yes!
My stomach tightened like I d been punched and the air went out of my lungs. That certainly answered the concern of does he have a girlfriend. Yes he does!
That was completion of Romeo. I didnt make a big scene, however I said I was no longer interested and sent him out the door for excellent. I doubt he cared. In fact, he had rather a smirk on his face.
But this scenario led to a mind-blowing check out how some men believe about dating and relationships.
Everything is not constantly as it appears and its not a good idea to presume anything.
Ask Him, Are You Seeing Someone?
If youre dating a person who does not have time on the weekends for you, something is NOT. Be brave and ask him about it to see what kind of answer he supplies.
He may alter the subject, skirt the problem, or make something up. Despite what comes out of his mouth, if hes uneasy providing the answer– you know something is incorrect.
Did he look you in the eye when he responded to? Thats the indication of a phony– so pay attention to his body language more than his words.
Indications You Are a Side Chick
Here are nine additional indications you may be a “side chick” and the man youre dating does have a sweetheart or a spouse.
1) He Wont Tell You Who Hes Texting
Is your man constantly texting with individuals but is strange about it? He likely is if you think hes keeping tricks!
2) He Likes To Stay Home With You
Your guy informs you hes tired from work and simply wants to snuggle on the sofa. Or he s a homebody and wants to keep you all to himself.
Both these factors must set off alarm bells. Theres a reason– like hes got a better half and cant be caught with you if he does not desire to be seen out in public with you.
3) Youve Never Been to His House
Even though you might have asked, youve never ever seen where he lives. He is concealing something and it might be you.
4) He Wont Allow You to Take His Picture
He is actually firm on this– no images of him for social networks or perhaps on your own. The reason that does not matter, this is extremely suspicious. If youre still questioning, does he have a girlfriend, now you know he does.
5) He Has Rules about Social Media
While he may blame this on work, he protests being on social networks. You can not include him as a pal or ever post about him. He just will not have it.
6) He Never Stays Over
Even if you invest a great deal of time together, he never ever spends the night. No matter how much you ask or the innovative methods you create to get him to do it, staying over is not a choice.
Why? Most most likely its not because he wont sleep well, however instead he needs to get house to his primary lady.
7) Youve Never Met His Family or Friends
While youve presented him to individuals in your life, he has actually not done the same. You are his trick which may sound so sweet, however its a huge fat warning his peeps cant understand about you. Thats due to the fact that he does have a girlfriend.
8) He Only Reaches Out When He Wants Sex
You do not hear from him frequently in between dates. When you think about it, he only texts when he wants sex. That tells you right there everything you need to know. Dont let him utilize you!
9) Hes Not Free to See You on Holidays
This is a classic red flag that responds to the question, “Does he have a sweetheart?” He is sure spending them with someone else if he cant see you on the vacations.
Warning That Indicate He Has a Girlfriend
Now you have an overall or 10 warnings that let you know something is not best and the person you are seeing probably has another lady in his life. You cant neglect that unpleasant concern any longer– does he have a sweetheart?
Be BRAVE. Hes not the only guy in the world for you, even if it seems that method in the minute. Even if you like him more than any man ever in your life, dont opt for a cheater and a phony.
If you are looking for lasting love and a commitment in conventional relationship, stroll away when you discover he is seeing somebody else.
The opportunities of his leaving the other female, are extremely slim and practically non-existent despite what he tells you.
You become the other woman due to the fact that he was with her. Dont let yourself fall under or remain in this trap.
When you put your mind to it, recovery and getting over this male are possible. When you feel up to it, go out to find a new male who is relationship all set. He does exist, so do not choose anything less!
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Why doesnt he ask me out on the weekend? Does he have a sweetheart? Discover inform tale indications that you are not the only female in his life.
I Dated This Hot Guy for Weeks
Did you ever date a man who you had a fun time with and saw weekly, however for some reason, never ever on the weekends?
I satisfied this hot guy at a bar. He was sort of a bad kid still at 40– you understand the kind of man.
We captured each others eyes as I walked towards the ladies space. On my way back to the dance floor, he stopped me to strike up a conversation.
He asked me to dance and was a great dancer! Wow, a guy who appeared sure of himself was a nice change. We danced a few times, then walked over to a table and talked for a while which was fun.
He asked for my number, then leaned down to kiss me on the cheek before vanishing into the crowd. Who was that person?
Observe a Mans Actions
He called in a number of days and asked me out to dinner. Yes! Friday night came and we headed out, had a good time. He was so romantic– I enjoyed it. I was totally taken in by his European accent, excellent looks, and appeal.
He called again and we went out numerous more times. Time together was always fun, enjoyable, and he kept me guessing. I never knew what was next that made the scenario so amazing.
It never took place to me to even question, “Does he have a sweetheart?”
When I was with him, I felt like the most extremely alluring woman– more than I ever had in my entire life. it resembled I had lastly come alive.
We had that steamy chemistry females always speak about and drool over.
Pay Attention to Confusing Behavior

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