Best E-commerce Platforms

Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission. What would you do with an extra $1,500 a day?  With a bit of work and the right ecommerce platform, you can create an online store that generates that kind of revenue (and more).  […]

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15 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Do you ever wonder how some people on Instagram gain so many followers in a short amount of time or on a consistent basis? Some people are celebrities or influencers, but nowadays, many are not. The below article explains 15 easy ways to increase your following on Instagram. If you prefer watching a video instead […]

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How to Boost Domain Authority: Checking and Improving This Key Site Metric

Knowing your domain authority is key to help you create or improve your marketing plan. But how do you know what your domain authority is? Let’s dive into what this metric is and some tips for picking the perfect domain authority checker for your business. What is Domain Authority? Domain authority (DA) refers to the […]

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How To Write an Exceptional White Paper for Your B2B Brand [Examples]

Every step of a white paper needs to help your reader to make an informed decision. It must match your marketing challenges, be structured to generate leads, address your target audience, define the scope, present evidence, offer a conclusion, and contain an effective call to action. Then it needs a proven argument and a logical […]

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Find The Best SEO Companies For You (Get Your Free SEO Audit)

Today, the SEO service provider industry is valued at more than $51 billion. It’s why you’ll find countless SEO companies scrambling for a piece of the pie.  Where does that leave you, a business owner eager to reach Google’s top pages, generate qualified traffic, and drive sales? Often lost and unsure where to turn.  With […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing

Email is one of the oldest forms of digital communication—but it’s also one of the most effective digital marketing strategies out there.  Sure, there are newer methods of communicating with your audience and customers like social media and live chat. However, with a user base of over 4.5 billion people, email is the king of […]

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How to Use Instagram Shoppable Posts to Sell On Social Media

Instagram is one of the best platforms to engage with prospective customers on social media. Worldwide, in 2021, eMarketer estimates that 1.074 billion people are on Instagram. Given the audience size, it’s no question that having a strong presence on the platform can help boost your brand. The good news is that people are looking […]

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Why HubSpot Sees More Representation Than Ever in 2022, According to HubSpot Employees

As of January 2022, HubSpot has 5,900 global employees.

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A Place to Call Home: Why Your Etsy Business Needs a Website

Since it launched 13 years ago, creative marketplace Etsy has helped turn countless creators into successful entrepreneurs. It’s easy to see why. As of 2017, more than 1.93 million sellers used Etsy to sell their products, and nearly 33.4 million buyers had purchased goods through the marketplace. For someone just starting out, that’s quite a […]

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5 Amazon product listing optimization must-haves

What exactly does it mean to have your Amazon product listing be fully optimized? And why does it matter? Every aspect of the product listing page can be seen as an opportunity for optimization: Product titles. Descriptions. Bullet points. Images. Keywords. Vital product information. Additional manufacturer’s information. Reviews. And everything else on the page.  It […]

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