Yoast SEO Premium 19.0: new emoji picker tool, word complexity feedback in more languages and Schema improvements

We’re always working to improve and refine the Yoast SEO user experience with every release. In this release, we’ve rolled out improvements to our Schema structured data implementation and fixed a couple of bugs. Aside from that, we’ve decided to include some exciting additions to our plugins, starting with a new emoji picker tool and […]

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How to use the Google snippet preview in Yoast SEO

You need to have nice-looking snippets to get more clicks. One way to ensure your site looks good when it appears in the search results is to use Yoast SEO’s Google snippet preview. It simulates what a search result for your page would look like and allows you to edit the tile, slug, and description! […]

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How to use emojis in your page title and meta description💡

With the rise of social media and smartphone adoption, emojis have gone from cute icons we add to our text messages to becoming an integral part of our day-to-day communication. For many people, emojis belong to social media and text messages, as we mostly use them in these contexts. But did you know that you […]

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Google Tag – A New Version

Google announced a new Google Tag that Google says will “unlock new capabilities to help you do more, improve data quality and adopt new features – without requiring more code.” Google Tag Manager is not changing today but it sounds like it will change in the future. Google explained that “the Google tag (gtag.js) is […]

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Out now: Two technical SEO courses on hosting and crawlability

Today we are launching the first two in a series of technical SEO courses: Hosting and server configuration, and Crawlability and indexability! SEO is about more than using the right keywords and writing great content. Without a solid technical foundation, you risk losing the benefits of all your other SEO efforts. We know that technical […]

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Tracking Tools Now Picking Up On The July 2022 Google Product Reviews Update Volatility?

So we have been watching the July 2022 Google Product Reviews Update for some time and noticed that based on SEO chatter from within the community, it likely really kicked in on Friday afternoon. But the automated Google search result tracking tools really did not show much, in aggregate, but as of this morning, they […]

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Announcing the new Search Console Video index report

Monday, July 11, 2022 Video creation and consumption on the web continues to grow, and Google Search indexes videos from millions of different sites, so people can easily discover and watch this content. To help you understand the performance of your videos on Google, and identify possible areas of improvement, Search Console is launching a […]

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August 2022 Google Webmaster Report

Here is the large Google webmaster report for August 2022 – catching you all up on what you may have missed in the past month related to Google search and SEO topics. We had a confirmed Google algorithm update, the July 2022 product reviews update that kicked in Friday and the tools just picked up […]

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7 Ways to Improve Your Business’ Cash Flow

If you are a business owner and your sales and profits are increasing significantly yearly, then you are doing everything properly. However, this should not be a reason for you to lower your guard. Not only small businesses face cash flow issues. Even profitable businesses can experience problems with cash flow when their operations, finances, […]

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How to Better Manage your Monthly Bill Payments

From car insurance to cell phone bills and mortgage repayments to utility bills, the average homeowner probably has more monthly outgoings than they’d like. Since many of the creditors, we make recurring monthly payments to share our payment information with Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, meaning that failing to meet your monthly bill payments can negatively […]

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