2019 SAAS Private Survey Results- Part 1

For the seventh year in a row, we’re proud to work with KBCM Technology Group (formerly Pacific Crest Securities) to share results from a survey of ~424 private SaaS companies. Thank you to the readers of forEntrepreneurs who participated in taking the survey! Thank you also to David Spitz (@dspitz) and the team at KBCM Technology […]

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What Is “Kaizen” And How Can This Japanese Technique Help You Finally Make Money From Your Content

When I was 19 in university studying a business degree I learned about a concept called JIT – Just In Time. JIT refers to how companies can manage their inventory, keeping storage costs down by setting up a system that allows stock to flow into the manufacturing process ‘just in time’ as it is needed. […]

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Playing the Long Game in Venture Capital

Silicon Valley and the media industry that surrounds it values youth. The culture is driven by the 20-something irreverent founder with huge technical chops who in a “David vs. Goliath” mythology take on the titans of industry and wins. It has historically been the case that VCs would rather fund the promise of 100x in […]

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Building and Nurturing Relationships with an Authentic Brand Voice

  by Aleya Harris   As an entrepreneur, you already know relationships are critical to an effective sales strategy. A network of authentic relationships can lead to partnerships that will change the trajectory of your business. Quality relationships with your audience lead to more robust sales, referrals, and a chance to take your business to […]

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How To Become Part Of The 1% Rich By Serving 1% Of A Market

One of the most recent success stories to emerge from my coaching programs is Tien Chiu. Tien is a weaver, and in particular a color specialist. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know what that means — I really didn’t understand myself until Tien came along and made me aware of her world of people […]

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Why Social Media is Essential to Startup Nonprofits

  by Mari Sapp My life’s work is engaging others in a way that makes them feel human. I spent 10 years working in the nonprofit sector coordinating services for at-risk and vulnerable populations. These roles are essential to the vitality of the communities they serve. Tax exempt nonprofits do the small-scale work of larger […]

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What I Learned From 10 Years Writing A Blog

I wrote the following advice when I hit my ten year anniversary as a content creator. By this point people where calling me an ‘OG’ and a ‘pioneer’ in the blogging industry. It was nice to hear, but I certainly wasn’t ready to retire! The one thing that time gives you is perspective. I’ve seen […]

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How To Prove People Wrong When They Underestimate You

Most of us aren’t where we want to be, not because we’re not capable, but because of the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves, or that we let other people project onto us. We tell ourselves we can’t go for our dreams because we’re not that type of person, or that we’re not good enough. […]

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5 ways to build your digital business or personal presence. 

  The internet has become a pillar part of our lives. We use it to communicate, learn, and entertain ourselves. It’s no wonder that having a robust online presence is key to success in today’s world. According to the global population is massive: “As of April 2022, there were five billion internet users worldwide, […]

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Why You Don’t Want to Miss the MyEO DealExchange DX22 Conference

The MyEO DealExchange DX22 Conference will take place in Denver, Colorado, from 12-15 October 2022. The first two MyEO DealExchange conferences in 2018 and 2019 made a significant impact on the members who attended—including a 7-figure investment in Scott Mesh (EO New York)’s company. To learn more about the MyEO DealExchange DX22 event, we asked […]

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