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9+ Best Beat Production Software For Mac and PC, 2022

With the use of the best beat making software, it is very simple to get your start in music with just a program and a laptop. In case many famous rappers and producers did exactly that. No need for expensive equipment and studio time, that all may come in later. You can create great beats […]

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How to Improve Website Ranking In 8 Simple Steps

Getting your website to rank in Google can quickly become a long-drawn-out process. If you are someone who has a newer website then you know what I mean. It feels like you are constantly fighting against the search engine just to give your webpage a little exposure. There are many Search Engine Optimization(SEO) posts out […]

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Podcast Topics: 101 Ideas for Things to Talk About

This is a guest post by Alban Brooke, head of marketing at Buzzsprout, a fantastic platform for launching and growing your podcast. Creativity is hard work. Whether you release a new podcast episode every week or once a month, coming up with consistently high-quality episode ideas can feel like a lot of pressure.  This demand […]

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