10. A 100 Dollar Bill







Think about it for a minute…

Try taking your partner out for a $100 dinner. A steak dinner looks delicious but all you can do is eat it. A bottle of champaign is appealing but all you can do is drink it. A nice suit or dress looks dazzling but all you can do is wear it.

But a hundred dollar bill, now that’s a completely different story…

* You can fold it.
* You can smell it.
* You can crumple it.
* You can stick it in your wallet or purse.
* You can frame it.
* You can admire it like fine art.
* You can pin it on your sleeve and show it off.
* You can spend it on anything you like.
* Or you can simply keep it and repeat the above.

Nothing looks quite as good as a hundred dollar bill…




Sales Per Day Earnings Per Day Monthly Income
1 $100 $3,000
5 $500 $15,000
10 $1,000 $30,000
15 $1,500 $45,000
20 $2,000 $60,000




Imagine owning a proven internet marketing business that generates hundred dollar bills, HOT Leads that you can contact daily, and puts you in profit in record time.

Picture a business that has top shelf products that literally fly off the shelves. Products that people want, need, and can afford.

Now imagine the thrill you will get when people see what you offer, like what you offer and buy from you. There is no greater enjoyment than making a difference in people’s lives and being rewarded with a steady flow of hundred dollar bills.

You get your own cash cranking website exactly like this one that spits out $100 bills like a malfunctioning ATM.


We set your website up for you. You don’t need to know html. You don’t need any experience. Just tell your friends and cash-in!


You get your own amazing list building system that compels both free and paid members to join. These people are your members alone for as long as you remain an active member of a 100 Dollar Bill.


You get your own personal admin panel where you can email your members, offer them help, and recommend stuff to them. These are your leads and you are the only one who gets to mail to them.


You get complete control of your new business.









You control the admin panel – This is exactly like owning your own website and money making script without the HUGE expense and hassle of having to create it, or host it yourself. You control the admin panel and everything else it in. You can manage your members. You can manage ads. You can email your members and the best part is they remain your members alone for as long as you remain an active member of A 100 Dollar Bill. You can offer them help, resources, marketing advice, even recommend products and services that will benefit your members. You are in complete control of your new business.


You get 6 brand new resources – These NEVER BEFORE SEEN resources covering topics like how to get traffic to any website, super fast list building, marketing tools the experts use, and building lasting wealth. You can resell these valuable resources to your down line members or customers in any other program you belong to. This will help them succeed beyond their wildest dreams and you will succeed too.


You can advertise your primary website FREE – You can get high exposure for your own websites on our specially created Director, VEEP, or CEO pages available in the members area. As other members view your ads they earn valuable advertising credits.


You get your own business site – A site exactly like this one created exclusively for you to help you earn as many $100 bills as you want. There are NO Limits to your earning power!


You get a FREE Bronze Account at Words That Pay – This amazing search tool allows you to quickly find popular words that sell and shows you how to use them to increase your results in any advertising you do.


You get a FREE Pro Account at Kule Rank – Kule Rank is unique and powerful submitter that submits your web sites to link directories that get a ton of traffic. These are specially selected directories that rank under 100,000 on Alexa.


You also get From Zero to Hero FREE – This report by BEST selling author, Jane Mark, shares important insights in how to prepare and plan for a highly successful business.






If the options above are not within your reach and you just want to grab a copy of our exciting FREE report -From Zero to Hero – click the button below to register free.


You can purchase the Products seperately in The Members area


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